Nature's Aide® Vitamins
Six Point
Quality Control Procedure

  1. Ingredients are only purchased from respected sources that have a long reputation for providing the finest products, free from pesticides and any other harmful additives. However tempting from a price point-of-view, we do not buy "off-the-street" from vendors we neither know nor trust.
  2. Upon arrival, all ingredients are tested in our laboratory for purity, potency, weight and the presence of any unwanted substances. Processed herbal extracts must match the parent botanical standard in order to share the original potency and safety. The potency of each ingredient is specific to each formulation and where required is so identified on the product label.
  3. During the mixing and tableting process each product is tested for the exact balance called for in each formula and, every 1/2 hour samples are tested for body temperature disolveability.
  4. All manufacturing facilities are maintained in "clean-room-levels" (pharmaceutical-grade standards) and inspected regularly by the FDA. All employees and visitors are required to wear special clothing, hair, hands and mouth coverings as an added precaution from any possible contamination.
  5. All products, prior to bottling, are examined and sorted by hand and not by machine.
  6. Bottling, sealing and packaging is done at the same "clean-room-levels" observed in manufacturing. The bottling materials used are pharmaceutical grade to assure freshness and safety from any possible harm.
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