January 3, 2019

Zinc is actually a crucial element in a number of biological processes such as growth and the healthy development of various tissues. Zinc deficiency can result in fatty liver disease, hair loss, diarrhea, weight loss, and many other issues. People who suffer from zinc deficiency are given zinc supplements in the form of zinc aspartate or zinc gluconate.

Zinc gluconate

Zinc gluconate is essentially the zinc salt form of an acid called the gluconic acid, hence the name.Zinc gluconate has many benefits when it comes to health such as quick healing of wounds, a strengthened immune system, and efficient protein synthesis. Often doctors prescribe it to pregnant women and growing children to ensure proper development.

But the benefit of zinc gluconate is best observed on the skin.

Zinc gluconate helps control acne

Zinc gluconate supplements are beneficial in controlling acne and promoting the healing of the lesions that are caused by acne. This is because zinc regulates the oil glands present in our skin which in turn reduces acne.

Zinc gluconate can control dandruff
Dandruff is a condition in which the skin of the scalp is shed at a higher rate than normal. Zinc gluconate supplements can help prevent excess shedding of the scalp, thereby reducing dandruff. This is why zinc gluconate is a common ingredient in most anti-dandruff shampoos.

Zinc aspartate

When zinc is bound to aspartate or aspartic acid, the resulting compound is called zinc aspartate. Like zinc gluconate, zinc aspartate is also used to treat zinc deficiencies. Zinc aspartate is commonly used to treat common colds because of its ability to boost the immune system. In addition, because zinc aspartate can help in the growth and development of the body, it is often given to children who suffer from stunted development.

Zinc aspartate is administered to people who suffer from Alzheimer's, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder or ADHD, Down's syndrome, and many other conditions. It has been found that low levels of zinc can often cause mental illnesses such as anxiety, depression, fatigue, and so on. This is because of the lack of energy caused by zinc deficiency. For this reason, patients suffering from mental illnesses are often given zinc aspartate supplements to help them manage the symptoms.

Both zinc gluconate and zinc aspartate should not be taken in excess. This is why it is important to consult a physician before taking zinc supplements.

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