Oral Chelation... What is that?
September 11, 2017

In traditional medicine, chelation is a process of removing heavy metals, like mercury, from the blood. Normally, a synthetic amino acid is put into the blood stream to bind to the metals and they are expelled through urine.

For some metals, like lead, an oral process can be used instead of injections into the blood stream. This is where the term 'Oral Chelation' comes from. Pretty simple.

Oral Chelation Formula Products Side Effects

What's interesting are the side effects in this process. Calcium can be stripped from the blood stream as well. It's not just heavy metals that get cleaned from the system, but things like calcium. And because this calcium is found in plaque that hardens the arteries, some people believe it a good alternative for cleaning the system. Just beware of what you are doing. Don't over clean. Like anything else, over cleaning and over use can break the very thing you wanted to make clean. And this is why we recommend you see your doctor before using one of these treatments. And limit the process to a very specific period of time.

For now, most companies that you see using the term oral chelation for selling their supplements are using the term pretty loosely. What they want to infer is that their product helps clean the system and issues related to hardening of the arteries. It's frankly why we removed the name oral chelation from our leading multi vitamin and multi herbal supplement AsUage. It was being misunderstood and the meaning diluted. Our best advice in taking any product, including ours, monitor yourself. Believe in the science of your health numbers, not the claims of a bottle. You are your own best judge of what is best.
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