January 17, 2019

The B family of vitamins are a group of water-soluble vitamins that play a major role in various metabolic activities in the body. These vitamins have a lot of common factors which allows them to be grouped into one family. There are a total of 8 members in vitamin B family, and all of these vitamins act as cofactors in various kinds of enzyme creating reactions. They also act as catalysts for various kinds of metabolic processes. This makes the B family of vitamins, necessary for survival.

The members of the vitamin B family are often referred to as B-complex and the body is not very adept at storing these vitamins. The levels of vitamin B in the body is often altered by unhealthy practices such as smoking and use of alcohol, stress, unhealthy diet, change in work shifts and exhausting travel schedules. The vitamin B family plays a vital role in the production of energy, synthesis and repair of DNA and RNA and in the metabolism of fats, carbohydrates and proteins. They also help in maintaining a healthy and calm nervous system and in maintaining skin and muscle tone.

Food sources of Vitamin B and its deficiency

Meat is the best source of various kinds of vitamin B such as poultry, liver, fish, shellfish and eggs. Vitamin B12 is only found in animal products whereas other kinds of vitamin B are found in plant foods such as whole grains, potatoes, beans, leafy green vegetables and lentils. Folate or vitamin B9 is found in abundance in green leafy vegetables whereas biotin or vitamin B7 is found in a wide range of foods such as eggs, pork and green vegetables.

Different kinds of deficiencies of vitamin B cause different kinds of symptoms and problems. It is possible for residents in developed countries to suffer from vitamin B deficiency. The deficiency of Vitamin B6 causes depression and the swelling of the tongue whereas a deficiency in B12 can cause anemia, fatigue, impairment of memory and cognitive activities. Deficiency of Vitamin B7 is a very rare case and its symptoms include dryness of skin, brittle nails, loss of hair and continuous fatigue. Most vitamin B members that are present in excess in the body are conveniently eliminated during the passage of urine. Extremely high levels of vitamin B can cause certain problems like jaundice and nausea.

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