Potassium supplements benefit blood pressure & cell health
December 4, 2017

The U.S. Navy Study - Potassium
Potassium is an essential element in maintaining fluid balance in the cells, transmission of nerve impulses, skeletal muscle contractility, and normal blood pressure. However, it must exist in balance with sodium. During nerve transmission and muscle contraction, potassium and sodium exchange places. Together with high sodium intake, decreased potassium intake may be implicated in hypertension and heart disease. Potassium is also a catalyst in protein and carbohydrate metabolism. Diuretic drugs can deplete potassium and so can be dangerous. When sodium is lost with water from the body, the ultimate damage comes when potassium moves out of the cells with water.

Because potassium is one of the nutrients along with magnesium in fruits and vegetables, it has been hypothesized that bone mineral functions as a buffer base and that lifetime buffering of the acid load from the ingestion of mixed diets leads to gradual and accumulated bone loss. This hypothesis suggested that it might be worthwhile to consider decreasing the rate of acid. Since potassium is one of the two minerals that has a known buffering effect, a study reported that greater potassium intake was significantly associated with greater bone mineral density and less decline in bone mineral density for both men and women. Given the increased consumption of carbonated beverages (sodas), which contributes to acid, individuals insisting on consuming these drinks should consider potassium and magnesium supplementation and/or a diet containing a significant portion of fruits and vegetables a day.
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