January 14, 2019

While vitamins are necessary for the healthy functioning of the body and its immune systems, vitamins can either help or harm the body. It is thus important to know when to take a multivitamin or just rely on single-ingredient vitamins. Vitamin supplements come in many different forms from pills to liquid dosages. Some vitamins are necessary for regular consumption whereas others are taken in a customized fashion as per the nutrient requirements of the person.

The main difference between a multivitamin and a single ingredient vitamin is that multivitamins come in the form of pills that are composed of many different kinds of vitamins. Single ingredient vitamins are pills or liquids that contain only one kind of vitamin in them. Vitamins are required in various kinds of metabolic processes in the human body. They are required in trace amounts and are involved in various kinds of enzymatic reactions and carriage of free radicals within the body along with releasing energy from food that is consumed. A human body cannot function for long durations of time without the presence of these vitamins. For example, in the ancient times, sailors lost their lives to a relatively harmless modern disease of scurvy, which a deficiency of vitamin C. It is important to understand the various deficiencies within the body and take vitamins accordingly. Consuming excess of different kinds of vitamins just to make up for the deficiency of one of them is more harmful than helpful for the body. It is thus advised to consult a physician or dietician before starting to consume any kind of vitamin.

Importance of multivitamins

Multivitamins are supposed to fill up the nutritional gap left by the food from daily diet. Different brands and types of multivitamins offers different compositions. Vitamins are usually classified into two categories- naturally acquired and synthetic. Naturally acquired vitamins are usually obtained from the food that is consumed as a part of the daily diet.

One of the major concerns surrounding multivitamins is their inhibition of absorption rates. When a multivitamin is consumed with other single ingredient vitamins, then the multivitamin reduces the rate at which the body absorbs the other vitamins. While multivitamins do not cancel out the effects of other vitamins, it certainly reduces them. Thus multivitamins should never be consumed with single ingredient vitamins. Such vitamin supplements whether multivitamin or single ingredient is to be taken only upon proper consultation.

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