December 3, 2018

Chromium (Chromium amino acid chelate) is a vital trace mineral that is used in the human body. Chromium in the form of chromium amino acid chelate is used in the regulation of insulin, enhanced protein synthesis and help in carbohydrate and lipid processing.

Chromium is needed by the body in extremely small quantities which are consumed through regular food intake. The required levels of chromium intake for children of ages up to 6 months is somewhere around 0.2 mcg per day. That of 7 to 12 months old requires an intake of 5.5 mcg per day. Children of ages 1 to 3 years require around 11 mcg of chromium whereas those aged between 4 to 8 years require 15 mcg. For adults who wish to maintain a healthy and fit body, the regular chromium intake is somewhere between 25 to 35 mcg.

Foods which are rich in Chromium

The best sources are chromium is seafood and fresh green vegetables along with brewer's yeast. Certain meats also contain veritable quantities of chromium. The various food items and their chromium content are mentioned below.

  • One cup of broccoli contains about 22 mcg of chromium.
  • One cup of grape juice has about eight mcg.
  • Turkey and chicken breasts weighing about 3 ounces contain two mcg of chromium.
  • English muffins are also a great source of chromium-containing about four mcg in one whole wheat muffin.
  • One cup of mashed potatoes contains 3 mcg.
  • One cup of green beans has two mcg of chromium.
  • 5 ounces of red wine can contain anywhere between 1 to 13 mcg of chromium depending on the wine.

Chromium Deficiency

Cases of chromium deficiency are extremely rare as it is present in a lot of common foods. Due to the rarity of chromium deficiency, the symptoms and effects are not accurately understood due to the lack of substantial evidence. Some of the identified effects of chromium deficiency are mentioned below.

  • It can cause problems in glucose tolerance levels which can further lead to reduced blood sugar levels in people with type – II diabetes.
  • Deficiency of chromium can also lead to mismanagement of cholesterol within the body making people susceptible to atherosclerosis and other kinds of heart diseases.

Chromium is often taken by body-builders and people who work out as it helps in protein metabolism and provides extra energy and helps them in losing weight. However, supplements are like medication and must be taken according to the physician's prescription.

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