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Do Apps and Holistic Health work well together?

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September 18, 2017

It might seem on the surface that technology and a holistic lifestyle are about as different as cat and dog people. But we all know of medical remedies that are made better with self-monitoring systems.

Just think about diabetes and the need for monitoring blood glucose levels and all the different methods to control and curtail symptoms. Careful attention to diet and exercise is so often the starting point. And as you learn more about even more mundane problems like sleep deprivation, stress spikes in Cortisol, different types of arthritis aliments; the first rule of thumb is always 'attention to diet and exercise'.

When this isn't possible, or less effective for short term issues, people often turn to supplements to help out. People will take Valerian Root for sleep, Kava for stress, and any number of other supplements they read about online, but with no thought on how well it really works.

Nature's Aide mission is to change all that. To empower people with knowledge about how their own body is working. We want people to have technology inform them about what is working and not working. Because self-monitoring your health is perhaps the most empowering thing we can do for you. And I think that's a pretty cool reason to get up and work everyday.

So as we begin to execute on plan, I hope you will join us for the journey. With your help, we plan to listen and learn what really works and share whatever we learn and think will be helpful in this blog. Until next time… And as my Dad use to say for years, 'have a healthy day'.
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