January 21, 2019

3.0/5 stars
The most significant difference between Apple Watch Series 4 and its predecessors is its design. While it looks much better than any of its predecessors, and some improvements to its functionality, we were expecting a little more from this latest release. The new design looks a bit rounder and slimmer in shape. It is also way lighter on the wrists and doesn't look as chunky as its previous versions.

The previous three versions of the Apple Watch were equipped with a black bezel that blended into the screen effectively. The new design, however, does away with the bezel and incorporates a corner to corner touchscreen. The various iterations of the product introduced improvements over the course of time. The Series 1 watches updated their performance and the series 2 added a GPS feature for better tracking of outdoor fitness routines. Series 3 on the other hand, improved upon all the previous features and introduced LTE connection with the owner's iPhone.

Features of Apple Watch Series 4
Some of the improved features of the new Apple Watch Series 4 include better processors, larger screen, more advanced and fine-tuned sensors, fall detection capabilities, measuring heart rate and even conduct ECG. This is a long way from the first versions of the Apple Watches shown in 2015, but a small step from the Series 3. The screen on the new Apple Watch Series 4 is 30% larger than the previous version with the older dimensions of 38mm x 42mm being replaced by 40mm x 44mm. Extremely high-quality OLED display is ensured by a low-temperature, polycrystalline oxide or LTPO which consumes far less power than the previous displays. The increase in the screen size comes with no reduction in battery life and it offers the same life of 18 hours. The battery life is long enough for an easy all-day wear after a single charge. , There is no doubt, the series 4 is better looking top to bottom.

The larger display has had a significant impact on the display quality with texts now being easily readable and buttons are now far more responsive to the touch. The back of the watch now has a ceramic and sapphire crystal backing that is much better for receiving cellular reception. This has brought about probably the biggest change in apple watches since apple watch 3. Customers now have the ability to place and receive calls directly from their Apple watch 4. All the signal and transmission issues that plagued Apple Watch 3 have been rectified in this latest iteration of the product.

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