February 5, 2018

You would know about many organic ingredients that are crucial to keeping you fit, but did you know that selenium is your elixir for remaining young? You need selenium to maintain your metabolism.

The antioxidants in selenium help protect your body from free radicals and damage to cells. Your body needs antibodies to defend against invaders or toxins that lead to diseases. You have a better chance of protecting yourself from these issues if you take in sufficient amounts of selenium. In the US, common diseases associated with selenium deficiency include Crohn's disease and other immune diseases. If you have one of them, it's better to consult your physician to inquire about the right dosage of selenium. You may be prescribed with supplements to maintain nutrients in your body. The US recommends a dosage of 125 mcg per day.

        * If you are an adult, the safe limit for selenium dosage is 4000 micrograms every day.
        * For ages between 4 and 8, 30 micrograms per day.
        * For children between 9 and 13, 40 micrograms per day.
        * For people above, the recommended dosage is 55 micrograms per day.

You can get selenium from organic foods, depending on the nutrient quality of soil and the condition in which it was harvested, which can differ in different places. Moreover, the mineral content is likely to be reduced during procession.

It's rare to experience side effects with moderate consumption of selenium. However, over-consumption could lead to nausea, kidney, halitosis, or even death at extreme levels. That depends on your health conditions and whether you are prescribed other medication. Selenium reacts with other pharmaceutical drugs and supplements, such as cholesterol, blood pressure, and chemotherapy drugs.

A high intake of selenium could also lead to skin disease issues. Therefore, if you are suffering from any skin conditions, it is better to consult the doctor for the right amount of dosage that is suitable for you. A study revealed that people who took higher doses of selenium were susceptible to developing type II diabetes.

The right dosage can improve your immunity system, combat thyroid conditions, enhance longevity, relieve inflammation, prevent premature-aging and improve moods. The wrong dosage can lead to trouble. Make sure you are using a multi that understands this like our leading multi vitamin and multi herbal supplement AsUage. Foods that are rich in selenium include:

        * Green vegetables
        * Nuts
        * Eggs
        * Meat

In conclusion, if taken in the right amounts, selenium can help combat numerous health problems. Your physician would be better able to prescribe the right amount after testing your vitals and health state.
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