January 29, 2018

Body Mechanics 101

The body systems of humans are made up of chemicals. The raw materials these systems use to keep our bodies healthy are acquired through the food we eat and the essential substances that our bodies produce. If our diet doesn't contain enough of certain vitamins, our body systems can't work properly. This causes our optimum health to decline and we become undernourished or ill.

Vitamin C Importance

One of the most important vitamins our bodies need to stay healthy is Vitamin C. The shortage of this vitamin in our diets is universal. Most people don't eat enough foods rich in Vitamin C, to supply their body with even the minimum amount required to stay healthy. Vitamin C is essential to life. It is used by our bodies for almost all essential functions. The brain, lungs, lymph glands, saliva glands, thyroid, kidneys, small intestines, retinas and pancreas all need ten to fifty times the amount of Vitamin C that is produced by the plasma in our bodies. The heart muscle, the skeleton and erythrocytes require at least ten times the amount of Vitamin C that is produced by plasma.

These statistics show that we need to take Vitamin C supplements in order to keep our bodies at optimum health. A daily dosage of a minimum of 250 mg was recommended by doctors in the US, according to a recent poll. But if you have learned anything about us at Nature's Aide it's that we don't do minimums. Our leading multi-vitamin and multi-herbal supplement AsUage has 2,700mg of vitamin C in every tablet to maximize the benefits for you.

Vitamin C Toxicity is Limited

You would be hard pressed to overdose on Vitamin C as it is water soluble. What isn't used is simply passed from our bodies through the kidneys. A welcome relief for those that have this fear with fat soluble vitamins and other minerals.

To keep your body at a healthy performance level, be sure to take at least one supplement daily with Vitamin C as the benefits are not stored in the body. When you are ill with a cold or flu, don't be afraid to supplement your daily vitamin C intake with a single ingredient dosage. This will help you to keep healthy.
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