July 2, 2018

The Gingko Biloba leaf comes from the ginkgo tree, popularly known as the maidenhair tree. Interestingly, the maidenhair tree is the last of its species and all other types of trees in this species are now extinct.

It had always been used in traditional medicine and in some places, it is also a food source. Even today, the Gingko Biloba leaf is used as the major ingredient in several supplements and they are available across the globe.

The Gingko Biloba leaf has several health benefits which is the reasons it finds widespread use in medicine.

The Gingko Biloba tree is commonly found in far east Asian countries like China and Japan.

How is the supplement made?
The leaves of the Gingko tree are first dried thoroughly. Once the leaves have dried, they are processed to obtain the Gingko Biloba extract from the leaves. The extract is then used to make capsules and supplements.

A large number of people use Gingko supplements due its numerous health benefits. Here are just some of the most common health benefits of the Gingko Biloba leaf.

Gingko supplements are known to improve concentration
Gingko supplements reduce fatigue and contains substances that boost memory and concentration. For this reason, Gingko supplements are often consumed to lower the risk of getting dementia in later years. Gingko supplements have been proven to increase mental performance in humans and also in improving the motor skills in adults. And our leading multi-vitamin and multi-herbal supplement AsUage has Gingko in every tablet to maximize the benefits for you.

Gingko supplements are used to treat eye conditions
Gingko extracts are being used extensively for treating eye conditions such as glaucoma. The extract reduces the pressure exerted on the inner eye which in turn reduces the risks to the optic nerve. Gingko leaf extracts are also used in treating eye conditions resulting from diabetes.

Gingko supplements are used to treat mood disorders
Gingko leaf extracts are natural mood enhancers and are used to treat patients suffering from severe anxiety, depression, and fatigue. The elevated energy levels and improved mental state are both useful for helping patients manage symptoms.

Gingko supplements help manage the symptoms of PMS
Gingko extract is extremely useful in helping women manage the symptoms of PMS. The elevated mood levels help overcome fatigue and mood swings. Gingko supplements are also excellent to relieve muscle cramps and headaches. Consuming Gingko supplements regularly has been proven to decrease the discomfort associated with PMS.

Gingko supplements are also extremely useful in helping women going through menopause in managing the associated symptoms.

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