Nature's Aide Vitamins
Can you handle corporate orders?
Corporate orders are our specialty! Our company was founded on servicing companies of all sizes with a variety of needs including corporate gratitude, holiday gifting, new business development, customer retention, employee appreciation, team building, client recognition, professional recruitment, industry trade shows as well as customer loyalty, referrals and prospecting.
How does the ordering process work?
First you select the gift products that your company desires based on your company budget and the amount of gifts you will need. Pick a date you wish to have us ship your gifts. You have the choice of having Cane River Pecan Company ship the products to your desired recipients or we can ship the selected pecan gifts to you for distribution or we can accommodate a combination of both, it is that simple.
How do you handle large gift lists?
Because of the size and scope of our corporate gifting services we know first-hand what it is like to help companies manage their ever-changing list of gift recipients. That is why we created a custom Excel spreadsheet that can be emailed to customers to help organize their list of recipients, the gifts they wish to ship and the custom greeting they wish to include with their gift. These gift lists can also be archived so the following year, we can send the old list back to you for additions, deletions or general edits. It is super simple and saves a lot of valuable time.
Where do Cane River pecans come from?
First, you should know, all of our pecans and pecan specialties are a product of the USA. We source all of our pecans and pecan specialties in Louisiana and to states east of Louisiana (Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia and Florida). We firmly believe that the best pecans in the world are grown in the southeast region of the United States, in the Deep South, where a combination of plenty rainfall and intense sun light contribute to naturally-high oil content found in the pecan varieties we like to promote leading directly to their superior flavor.
If I am buying Cane River pecan gifts from out-of-state, do we pay taxes on the order?
No, you don’t pay taxes if purchasing from outside the state of Louisiana and we are shipping to you or your recipients to an out-of-state location. However if you are purchasing from an out-of-state location and you decide to pick up your products at our New Iberia, Louisiana location then you will be required to pay both Louisiana State and our local Iberia Parish taxes. If you purchase from inside the State of Louisiana but outside Iberia Parish then you are only charged Louisiana State taxes. State taxes are 4% and Parish taxes are 4.5%.
What is your most popular pecan gift?

By far, the Pecan Trio Assortment (item number 801), is our runaway best-seller! The “Trio”, as we refer to it, covers all of the basics; it features our most popular flavored milk chocolate covered pecans, our sweet and crunchy praline coated pecans and our savory roasted and salted pecans. It’s a can’t-miss pecan gift. And priced at only $32, it fits most company budgets just right.

The custom logo gift tin is a close second and accounts for nearly 40% of all sales. Companies love to promote their brand and position their logo when and where they can, our custom gift tins give them that opportunity.

Tell me about the custom logo gift tin program.
Business is fierce out there, many companies today rely on brand awareness to drive their message or stay relevant in their customers' minds. Cane River Pecan Company understands this need and developed a way to put a company’s good name on our gourmet pecans. We offer two sizes of gift tins that can be customized with a simple one color logo or a complex, four-color processed photo featuring company logos, headquarters, business partners or product spotlights. We can be as creative with custom tin art as the art submitted. Companies send the art, we send them a proof to approve. Once the proof is approved, they pick the product and we ship it for them. They sit back and field the compliments. It’s that easy.
Can companies include their own customized holiday cards or business cards in pecan gift shipments?
The simple answer is yes. If a company wants to ship us their own holiday cards or employee business cards, we can easily include them in gift tin shipments. We can also create a free gift card to go into any gift package we ship. All the company needs to do is provide us with the message they wish to include.
Do we have the ability to customize an assortment of products that you offer?
Yes. If you would like to make your own assortment of products that we offer into a collection, we can do that for you. Simply tell us what you want to group together, we will then provide you with a quote. Once you have the gift you want we will ship it for you.
What are your shipping rates?

Below you will see our current shipping table. It is a sliding scale table based on the value of an order being shipped to one address. Our standard shipping method is ground shipping; we use both the United States Postal Service and UPS for all ground shipping. We also offer a “second day” shipping service, which is listed below. And finally, we offer an expedited “next day air” shipping service for $50.00 more than the standard ground shipping rate.

We will ship to any PO Box (Post Office Box), APO Box (Army Post Office) and FPO Box (Fleet Post Office). APO Boxes are for Army and Air Force installations while FPO Boxes are for Navy installations and ships. When it comes to APO and FPO Boxes there are also three military “states” where mail can be sent; “AA” (Armed Forces of the America’s), “AE” (Armed Forces Europe), and “AP” (Armed Forces Pacific).

We will ship to Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico or any other US Territory for an additional $10 charge to the standard ground shipping rate. We will ship to any international destination as well, but first a company must call our offices for a shipping quote.

Cost of Merchandise Standard Ground Shipping Second Day Shipping
Up to $14.99 $6.00 $22.00
$15.00 – $44.00 $8.00 $24.00
$45.00 – $64.99 $10.00 $28.00
$65.00 – $99.99 $12.00 $32.00
$100.00 – $149.99 $14.00 $36.00
$150.00 and up 9% of order value 24% of order value
What are our shipping options?

We can ship all of your pecan gifts to each individual recipient or we can ship all of your pecan gifts to your location or various branch locations or we can ship the pecan gifts to a combination of recipients and/or corporate locations. Or you can pick up any part of your order at our New Iberia, Louisiana facility and save on the shipping. The bottom line is this; we are extremely flexible when it comes to shipping and your fulfillment needs. We will accommodate any shipping scenario you might have. We are here to make your gifting procedures easy and burden free.

Shipping prices are based on the total value of gifts being shipped to one location. So, for example, if you have three Pecan Trio Assortments gift tins (valued at $32.00 each) being shipped to one location then you calculate the cost of the three Trios at $32.00 by 3 for a total of $96.00. The price to ship those tins to that one location is based on the $96.00 “cost of merchandise” value which comes out to $12.00. If you would like to ship that same shipment by our “second day shipping” method it will cost $32.00. If you would like to ship that same shipment by our expedited “next day air shipping” method it will cost $62.00 ($12.00 plus the $50.00 charge for expedited next day air shipping service).

Can we pick up our products at your warehouse location?
Yes of course. We are located at 1415 Easy Street in New Iberia, Louisiana. You can pick up your entire order here or just a portion of it if you are having us ship the rest.
Do you ship year-around?
We do except for chocolate pecans and our chocolate chunk cookies. The summers in Louisiana are just too oppressive to ship chocolate between April 1 and mid-October. (Sorry.)
Do you ship overseas?
Yes we do. Because South Louisiana is known for its global oil and gas service industry we have been relied on to ship our gourmet gift tins over the entire world. Shipping overseas is not a problem for us. And we should mention, receiving pecans overseas is a rare and special treat since pecans are extremely difficult to find in most places outside of the United States. A shipping quote will be needed if wishing to ship pecan gifts overseas.
Will you ship to PO, APO and FPO Boxes?
Yes, we can ship to PO Boxes and military boxes (APO and FPO) as well.
Can you share some gifting suggestions?
We have created a Corporate Gift Guide that you can find in our catalog and online. This gift guide was created for one reason – to make your gift giving selection process easy and efficient. Look closely and you will see that our gifts are broken down by price so companies can get a quick idea of what gifts fit their budget and needs.
Do you offer volume discounts?
We will begin to consider volume discounts if the order begins to exceed 500 gifts. If and when that is the case please call the offices to discuss options.
What are our payment options?
We accept Master Card, Visa, Discover and American Express credit cards. We also take corporate checks and in some circumstances will even offer terms on payment.
Do you offer greeting cards?
With each pecan gift we offer a FREE greeting card with any corporate message they desire. The card is large and will accommodate over 80 words. If a company chooses we can even place a custom greeting or holiday card of theirs in the pecan gift.
Why should companies gift pecans?
Pecans are revered in the Deep South and downright cherished in other parts of the country during the fall. Because the pecan harvest coincides with our fall lineup of favorite American holidays, pecans are a natural fit when it comes to gifting. Companies embrace traditional gifts, gifts that have broad appeal and are associated with luxury. Pecans easily fall into these categories. Not only do pecans top the ingredient list of many holiday favorites, they can easily stand on their own as well. Right out of the shell, as natural as they come, pecans are celebrated for their sweet buttery taste and known for their heart healthy attributes. But more than anything, a great pecan is still hard to find and when it is found and given it is truly appreciated and that is why companies like giving pecans...their customers appreciate it.
What are the benefits of doing business with Cane River Pecan Company? (Ten good reasons)
  1. We are experts. The Cane River Pecan Company has been entrenched in the corporate gift giving industry for over 30 years. We know and understand, precisely, what companies need and want when it comes to their gifting needs. We also have a 40 plus year relationship with gourmet pecans. First and foremost we were growers. Pecans are what we know, thoroughly. When it comes to our knowledge of corporate gifting and our fixed position within the pecan industry we can say, with confidence, we are experts.
  2. Trust. Companies have come to trust us implicitly with their gifting services. They know that we only ship the very best, in-season, gift pecans on the market. They know that our flavored pecans and pecan specialties are made with the most sublime ingredients. And they know that our gourmet pecan gifts will represent the best of their corporate gifting intentions.
  3. Saving time means saving money. Cane River recognizes that companies need to get on with their business. They need a partner that appreciates that saving time is, in fact, saving money. We save companies time with the gifting process because we take so much of the burden off of their employees tasked with the job of orchestrating the gifting process. If we know how many gifts a company wishes to send and what their budget is; we can take it safely from there and see to it that the gifting is done correctly and on time.
  4. Award winning packaging. Cane River has a wide variety of packaging options and all of them are award winning, literally. Over the years Cane River has garnered many awards on their packaging all in an effort to make other companies look magnificent. We understand that our pecan gifts are going to your clients. We need to make you look good. And that is exactly what companies will look like when choosing our distinctive array of gifts.
  5. Value. When it comes to a luxury consumable product like gourmet pecans, we offer value. Our gourmet pecans are carefully selected and packaged ensuring that all of our customers are getting the finest pecans for their money. Our mammoth halves are the largest and freshest on the market. Our Elliott pecans are as great tasting as they are rare and hard to find. Our candy coated pecans are made with recipes that are family treasures. Nothing is more important to us than the quality of the products we ship.
  6. Customer Service. We need to be careful here because we feel that this term gets thrown around too often with empty promises. At Cane River we take the customer service experience extremely serious and will do what is necessary to service companies professionally and efficiently using great care and respect. We know that gifting is an extension of a company’s relationship and their reputation, we have serious consideration and reverence for that relationship. That is why we will always go above and beyond to service a corporation’s needs.
  7. Reputation. In the Deep South our company is known as the go-to source for corporate pecan gifts. We have rooted ourselves in corporate culture by anchoring ourselves in the business-to-business gifting service. We understand implicitly how corporate gifting can play a critical role in strategic, goal-oriented business growth.
  8. We understand relationships. We know that relationships matter. We understand the role a relationship plays in two people doing business with one another. We understand the intimacy of doing business with people you know, respect, appreciate and like. Gifting helps build relationships. Being recognized, being thanked, being linked to a company’s success is important and rewarding and is embedded and tied-to stronger relationships. Appreciating a great relationship can begin and end with thoughtful gourmet pecan gifts.
  9. 100% satisfaction. It’s our guarantee. As you would expect with a product of such superior quality, your satisfaction and that of your gift recipients is 100% guaranteed. No hassles. No red tape. You must be pleased, or we will make it right.
  10. Authenticity. We are an authentic, real, passionate, American, family pecan company. Cane River is family owned and family operated by people who grew up in pecan orchards. We love pecans dearly and use them routinely in our daily lives. We love the sight of a manicured southern pecan orchard or the aroma of a gourmet meal featuring fresh pecans. We love pecan season and a table of holiday treats stuffed with tasty pecans. We love the life and relationships that have grown from our involvement within the pecan industry. And mostly, we love the stories of pecans and how families have gathered to share pecan-related traditions. Our relationships with pecans are sincere and authentic.